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  • Mom – My mom was almost all I saw growing up. She woke us up, got us ready for school and was there to pick us up. Somehow she managed to attend every school function and field trip while having a full time job. She made every weekend fun and she made every rainy day so cozy that all we would all do was cuddle and watch movies together. She was very committed to us and that made me want to be that type of mother. I do a lot of the same things she did and it just happens naturally. I am the mother I am today because of her.


  • Dad – My dad was and is the best provider. The true backbone of our family. He wasn’t around too much during the week when I was growing up because he always had 2 jobs until 2000 when he started working at an oil refinery. He is literally one of my best friends. He used to give me all kinds of advice about things that you would never imagine a dad would tell a daughter and I appreciate that so much. He supported me in everything I did and he still does today. He is the reason my ambition is so high. He never allowed tough times to stop or discourage him and I know this from his actions, not words. He is the absolute best.


  • Sister – LaShon and I had a HUGE case of sibling rivalry. And it was all because I wanted to be just like her. At 5 years apart she was able to do things I couldn’t and so I would act like a brat and of course she wasn’t a fan of that. Even though I grew up to give her some issues, my mom and grandmother tell us all the time how protective she was of me. She used to speak for me and answer questions whenever people tried to talk to me; so much so that I would literally look at her when someone talked to me. I remember she would try to teach me to ride a bike (I still don’t know how) almost every weekend. When she got skates my parents had to buy me a pair because she wanted to teach me because I would sit inside and just cry while she was out playing.  We are so close now it is unbelievable. She has been a pharmacist for 10 years now and I am so proud of her. She fought so hard to be where she is and I just wish she knew how big of a role model she is to me.


  • Mawmaw and Pawpaw – These are my great-grandparents. They actually raised my mother so we spent a lot of time there. My Mawmaw always had a bag full of snacks behind her bedroom door and she prepared a hot meal for breakfast lunch and dinner. I LOVED her food! Of course my love for cooking is rooted in her. She could make the smallest amount of food stretch so far. She used to tell us to sneak and get snacks when we were sad or in trouble. My Pawpaw was my very first slow dance. I will always remember that because it was after he had a mild stroke and it was hard for him to walk, but he said he had to teach his baby girl how to dance. He used to spoil us with all kinds of toys and take us for walks. I remember I wanted him all to myself. I would give anything to talk to them today. To get their wisdom on all types of topics that we never had a chance to discuss. I wish they could meet my baby and expose him to the kind of love they showed me.


  • Granny – My dad’s mom. Granny Grace has 8 kids, 22 grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren (mine is the youngest, so far). She was so dedicated to all of us it’s probably insane. She would sometimes have ten of us all day during the summer and wouldn’t break a sweat. But I guess she was used to it with 8 of her own and all of them are 1-2 years apart in age. She gave of herself whenever we needed her to. Sick from school, vacation days, parents just need a break, we would be there. She did it all alone because my paw paw larry died in 1990. She made me understand that when someone is in need, and you are able, you help; no matter what. That is how she has always been and that is how her whole family is.


  • Mrs. Schott – She was my 8th grade teacher. Mrs. Schott was able to successfully relate to us on what seemed like a friendship level but always kept a hold on everything. We respected her so much. She was so easy to talk to and at that age children begin to get curious about all kinds of things. She made it easy to bring up topics we could not discuss with our parents, mostly sex. And she would make it comfortable for us (boys and girls) to ask her anything. She offered a motherly type of love and support that a lot of teachers lack. Thinking on it now, she is how I know how to interact with older kids. You have to be relatable enough to keep communication flowing freely but you can’t be best friends or else you won’t effectively guide them through right and wrong because a level of respect is compromised.

I had a GREAT foundation as a child and I am forever grateful to all of those I mentioned and the ones I didn’t for helping me to become the woman I am today. Such blessings.