My Supports

The main supportive factors in my environment are people. People like my bosses at work, my sister, and my In-Laws truly keep me going and keep my life afloat.

My bosses are sisters and very close knit and family oriented which basically trickles down to the workplace. Everyone here is very tight and supportive of one another. However, my bosses offer one of the biggest helps and supports in my life; they allow my child to come to the daycare at a discounted price which helps VOLUMES being a single mother. They have also switched my schedule around to allow a little bit more time for my schooling and to spend time with my son since my last schedule made participation in my last class extremely difficult. In addition to that, they understand motherhood and that things come up unexpectedly and they al mostly always willing to accommodate with those occurrences.

My Sister (and my new brother-in-law as of this passed Saturday) are two of my major major major supporters. They help me to make ends meet whenever I may fall short or be in danger of falling short. My brother is truly the big brother I never had. He is there to listen to me and give me that manly advice I can get nowhere else, then tell me to just shake it off and move along with my life. My sister is the more gentle hand in the situation that is always an ear for me to vent to and a shoulder to cry on if need be. But then she too gives me advice that only a sister can and can calm me down and make me think more rational than anyone has the ability to do. She offers advice I can relate to better than anyone because we are five years apart and she has just gone through what I am experiencing in life so I knows she gets me better than anyone Besides that her life is a true inspiration and good example for me.

Without any one of these people in my life, I do not see how I could survive. My bosses make it possible for me to make a living, go to school and have time for my child; and that is essential to my livelihood. My In-Laws allow me to get things done when it is mandatory as well as provide me with spiritual support, My life would be in shambles if my spiritual life would fall apart. And my siblings pull everything else together. In short, my life would fall apart without any of them. My life would change drastically for the worst if I were to lose ANY of them. I am so blessed and grateful they are in my life.


The challenge I contemplated was if I did not have childcare or help with my child at all. All of the people of value in my life I named in my life have a big hand in helping me and my son. If I did not have childcare I would not be able to work because there is nobody that could watch him all week while I tried to make a living for us. If I wasn’t able to work, only God knows where me and my son would be. That is why I am so thankful for my bosses for providing a wonderful work environment as well as being flexible with me and my situations. If my In-laws were not there to step in and do thing for Jayce when I wouldn’t be able to keep my job because it may take away too much time from my work. If I were able to keep my job, my check would suffer horribly every time something was wrong and I had to take care of things. MY sister and brother helping with things like uniforms, rent when needed, gas, if I didn’t have that, again, I would be in very big trouble. That is why I am working to do more and to do better for my son so one day mommy can have and provide all he needs and we won’t have to have our hands out. But nevertheless, I ham so happy to be surrounded by people who never mind helping. We are blessed. And I wish many blessings to those who do not have those helping hands.