Week 8 Thank You!

I want to take some time out to extend a personal thank you to everyone in this course, but particularly those whom I have had the pleasure of sharing discussion and blog groups with. Some topics that we have discussed the passed 8 weeks have caused us to think about some tough issues, and in turn we found the courage to share them with each other. THANK YOU all for allowing yourselves to be vulnerable enough to open up to us, your colleagues, in an effort to better understand communication and what it means to build and sustain meaningful professional relationships. It has been a difficult journey for me in particular, but I am hoping it was all worth it. I enjoyed reading the opinions and experiences of everyone, and I think that this is a great group of professionals with a very wide range of knowledge, experiences and capabilities. I know we will all accomplish great things in the future! Good luck to all of us!




One thought on “Week 8 Thank You!

  1. Jada,
    Over the last eight weeks have enjoyed learning about your personal and professional background and the experiences that you shared. We have all learned a great deal about ourselves and as such will continue to grow as we move forward through the second half of our courses. I am sure I will be reading more from you in the weeks to come and until then best of luck.


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